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Vanex.Online 4 Months After I First Logon

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Yes its been 4 months since I first join the Vanex.Online Minecraft Server and alot has changed within that time.

When I first joined the server the spawn was in mint condition with little to no spots on being griefed by players. The spawn was set in 200 block random radius (which was pretty bad even to today). My group had the brilliant idea on removing every possible resource within the spawn so new players are forced to join our clan (a slave clan sadly). In front of the temporary base AngelplaysMC had started a large farm where people would be able to get wheat to make bread.

The issue, AngelplaysMC had forced players to work for him by collecting resources and killing them. All of the resources went into the creation of the great Castle on top of a mountain over looking the farm. This lasted two weeks before one player decided to rebel against the clan. If first started with destroying the farm, after failing to do that, he went ahead to place down blocks by placing dirt by limiting progress on the Castle.

When the second attempt on slowing down the clan on building the Castle failed, his next move was to start killing each member of the clan to drain resources, this lead to the first ever revolution on the Vanex server.

The Third attempt (and the final attempt) the rebelled player invited his friend to help him on setting straw for disrupting on taking down the clan. The rebellion group had took the trip on climbing to the highest mountain (near spawn) and began building to the top of the world height. The two players went ahead and started pouring down lava buckets down the one block bridge right over the public (clan) farm. This ultimately destroyed the farm once for all and the clan along with the rebellion group had come to a truce.

DavidCarbon had put down a sign marking the day of the revolution going down in history. Later the next day two flags were placed down to the unnamed clan during this time, (the flag is now used by the same group now going by Hours). Unfortunately, players with hacks joined within two weeks since the incident which lead the sign and the flags being stolen along with the main mountain base being destroyed.

Fast forward four months later and the Castle still stands, but the area is completely changed with the spawn now slowly becoming 2b2t spawn style. DavidCarbon reported that he hardly recognized the spawn except the for the one area where the Castle foundation exists, also the tower that was dropped by lava still stands.

He says the following on the situation, “Today If I were to mess up big time (such as not sleeping in bed) the chances of making out of spawn is next to none since there is no resources left in the area.” – DavidCarbon

Below I have linked images from this period, but I can say for sure the server sure has went through alot but its history is barely being made now.