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Soapbox Race World Installer Update 1.9.104 (

A little late on updates for the installer builds, but I haven’t really forgotten about it.

So what did I bring to the table in terms of the Installer Build Update?

Well not much. No really, not much was done to the installer update packages. But… If you’re wondering what was changed this is the change log.

What’s next?

Well thats hard to say due to NextGen Launcher being developed, it serves both as a launcher and game installer. As of writing this, there is no confirmation of Interface_v4 of being in active development apart from the NextGen Launcher.

Now you might be wondering; What is the NextGen Launcher?

It’s a new launcher rewritten to address the Out of Memory Issue that some users are experiencing. As of February 19, 2020 the launcher only in development phase with only WorldUnited being the only server to login to.

Will I (DavidCarbon) create an installer version for this NextGen Launcher?

Probably not. With good reasons, however. The first thing would be that the NextGen launcher already has a built in installer for both the game launcher and the game files. There won’t be a need for a installer build for another installer build.

So do you support it?

Heck yea. There is alot of potential to the current installer for the NextGen Launcher. While there are a few minor issues with it right now, but can be easily fixed once the developer to finished completing the source code for the Soapbox Core. I have gave a test run on the NextGen Launcher and it looks Ok for right now since its not meant for the whole player base.

So are you retiring?

Good Question. Give me 2 years and I will than be able to tell you.